MDM's Spaceship Battle Thread

From Egs Mayhem

A thread where those bunnies who like spaceships and battles can throw the two together!

Created by MDM.


Jstone- Terran carrier task force

MDM- Galactic Union Excelsior-class Super Dreadnaughts Excelsior, Atlas, and Titan; 7 Galactic Union Belisarius-class battlecruisers; and 12 Galactic Union Wyvern-class Heavy Cruisers

Lohti- Aληκτος αστηρ, Alecto Astraea, "The Unceasing Star"

Piane- Thunderforge

ChroniclerC- TSS Telona's Wrath

Cheez- UAC Mjolnir Frigates Yamamoto, Sceadugenga, Reynolds, Cobb and Baybars

Amon Star- 3 saucer ships

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